Evolutionary Healer. Mystic Educator: OONA MOURIER, Ph.D.


As a mystic educator, sexologist, writer, and visionary, Oona has devoted her life to the exploration of the mystery of the unknown of our existence. She is an evolutionary healer at the forefront toward the fulfillment of consciousness. Her current work is in the field of healing as a global awakening. Oona offers practical tools to help people gain a sense of wellbeing, radiant health, changing their experience of aging, and facilitating them to awaken to their true nature.

Oona graduated with a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and the author of 9 Secrets to Bedroom Bliss. Her book was dubbed “the most unusual sex manual of this time” by the New York Post, and she has been called a cross between Joseph Campbell and Dr. Ruth. Oona also spent 35 years in the medical field, both as a medical professional with a Master degree in Nursing, but also as a patient, having fought back cancer three times on her own terms. As a healer, Oona weaves many threads together, drawing on her personal and professional experience. She is living proof that we are able to restore, regenerate, and revitalize our bodies from the inside out, using alternative healing to conquer anything. Her knowledge in healing and awakening encompassing health, medicine, sexology, psychology, science, Eastern and Western philosophy, allowing her to go beyond what our understanding of what health, wellness, and healing is, to what it will be in the future. Oona Mourier is a visionary, bridging the gap between human health, and human consciousness, on a personal, communal, global, and universal level.

Spirituality, has been a life long journey…. Starting in Zen and yoga at 16, the teaching of Gurdjieff, Buddhism, silent retreats, therapy work for 25 years with different modalities, Jungian therapy , body therapy, art therapy, dream work, shamanism, Tantra, sex therapy. At this time an eclectic mixture with a simple practice…. Aligning to Source…..

As a practicing Buddhist, yogi, and an ongoing student of the Human Design System, she is committed to cutting edge healing modalities for a new world, and to awakening for all. Her current projects include creating a movie Healing: A Global Awakening

Oona offers healing and awakening modalities through Trinfinity 8, redox signaling molecules, human design, sexology, coaching, consultations, workshops, lectures and keynote presentations worldwide.

For more information email: oonamourier@gmail.com or phone: 707-824-0926



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