Human Sexuality

I have a Doctorate in Human Sexuality

Sexual energy is the core of the life force.

My work is to work with conscious beings to free this creative energy in the complex work of sexuality as we are moving from a genetic imperative to becoming conscious beings.

Sex, love and intimacy are getting through a profound mutation.  


9 Secrets to Bedroom Bliss: unusual sex manual

I am the author of "9 Secrets to Bedroom Bliss"

Called the most unusual sex manual of this time by the New York Post. 

I have been called a cross between Joseph Campbell and Dr. Ruth.

I have continuously trailed the field of human sexuality. It is an abundant field and in this time of mutation.  

sexologist | work with human design

As a sexologist I work with human design

Looking at the gates of love and the way we bound.

With the T8, for the first time we have a technology to erase the impact of trauma and others sexual conflicts or challenges. 

Sexuality, Relationship

We can create a relationship with aging sexuality

Never been available before through direct communication using the language our DNA understand: Mathematics, giving back the mathematical signature of hormones.

Trinfinity 8 allow to address the change of hormones in a new way and have a solution for erection and blood flow, regain libido, rejuvenate vaginal walls., female and male libido, etc.... All embedded with the heart resonance and divine alignment. and communicating directly with our DNA in the language that it knows.

relationship, sexologist, sexuality, human design

Working with

The erotic and our connection to the creative is a work I feel deeply blessed to hold and witness.