A Collective Trauma?

When we change our thinking, we are only accessing the conscious mind (5-10%). 
90 to 95% of our life is generated from the subconscious mind, and we are not aware of it. it is the part that is off limit. The law of attraction works only to change what is in your conscious mind.

The subconscious mind is where our power and intelligence are located. So how do we communicate with this mysterious force.?
The higher thought function or conscious mind are located in the brain.
Where is the subconscious mind? People would say the heart or the brain, but the answer is in fact the body. Every cell of your body constitutes the subconscious mind. Every cell has memory, and it is the body intelligence.
For example, transplant get memories from donor, the body intelligence comes with that body part. Memories does not work only in the brain but in the physical body.

How do we get those memories stored in our cells?
The cells take memories in 4 different ways.
1- The core level are experiences from this life time.
2- The genetic level are things that have happened to our ancestors back to seven generation. We all have genetic memories of our ancestors brought to us in this life time. We all have things in our life from money, relationships, illness and other problems held from genetic memories that contribute to the picture.
3- Past life memories are in our body intelligence, memories that happen in other life time and events and some mysterious phenomenon in the universe where we pick up those experiences.
4- The soul level is the whole energy of your being, your life mission, what is the purpose of your incarnation.

All those levels create your subconscious. The law of attraction works from your subconscious system. The program you hold will attract the reality you have….

So we have an opportunity to upgrade our software as human beings in a quantum way. It does not take very long ….
Do we want to give that inheritance to the children of our children or is it going to stop the narrative of war and separation in this generation now, so we can evolve in peace and oneness.

And here is a testimonial for this work.
" It is my experience with working in the unseen realms-the subconscious, that most of the change happens very subtly. 
In my session with Oona, change happened almost immediately!
I expect more gradual change to continue. Five Star recommendation"
Vicchi Oleski Founder & Innovator

Healing and the Subconscious



 A Happy New Year to all. Many healings individually and collectively.
As I am contemplating the last year, it has been a year of many success and accomplishment:  A documentary on his way and the working with Awakening Dynamics.
I had been wondering why some people do not heal or have recurring accidents or anything that seems to recur in life. What is the deep impact from trauma, not only the emotional or physical but at a cellular level and the impact of shock on the collective and how do we work with those embedded fears. This questionning lead me to work with Brent Phillips and the amazing added piece of the puzzle of personal and collective healing . More soon on trauma and shock. 

95% of your life is created by our subconscious
If the subconscious mind were a computer, it would process 4- 40 million bits of information per second.
If your conscious mind was a computer, it would process 20-40 bits of information per second.
Hence the subconscious mind is between 100,000 to a million times more powerful than the conscious mind.
The large majority of our subconscious beliefs are genetic and inherited from our ancestors as well as childhood experiences (including your time in the womb), memories from other life time, soul contracts, woes.
Another way to say it: As human being we have inherited a software from a long time ago and all those are part of our collective consciousness and a lot of them are not useful anymore.
Fortunately, it is easy to clean out and reprogram the subconscious.

Theta Brainwaves are the state of REM sleep and the border between conscious and the subconscious world. By learning to use a conscious, waking theta brainwave, you can access and influence the subconscious mind.
Gamma Brainwaves is the brainwaves of hyper alertness, perception, and the integration of sensory
Learning to change these subconscious codes represents a radical increase in personal power because it transforms you into a self-modifying program!

The subconscious create belief, mythology and archetype.
Belief: A belief is a single line of code in the subconscious mind, such as “Rich people are greedy” or “Nobody will ever love me”. Most people have billions or more individual beliefs.
Mythology: A mythology is a set of beliefs that act together and act as a complete subroutine or small program. Examples of mythologies are “poverty consciousness”, “racial prejudice” or various religious and philosophical belief systems. Most people have thousand or more mythologies.
Archetype: An archetype is a set of complementary mythologies that define a person and how it behaves, such as “the victim” or the “wounded warrior”. Most people have only a small number of primary archetypes (usually no more than a few dozen.)

You can program the subconscious mind to reflect the way you want your life to be for health, weight loss, success, love, or anything you desire, and then the Universe will provide you with the resources and opportunity needed to achieve your goals and will figure out the details of how to manifest it!

What determines the probabilities that I will be sick or healthy, rich or poor, alone or in love? What determine the probabilities is the programming of your subconscious mind. The belief, codes, traumas and other programs in your subconscious mind determine the probabilities that various things will happen or not in your life.

True higher dimensional living is about modifying the human organism to become what it needs to be to attract and create what you want with the Universe.

As I see it, is one of the steps of consciousness into form…. The ability for consciousness to create form.

The fastest and most effective way to immediate change in your life from the Awakening Dynamics® is private sessions. In a private session, I will work with you to identify and release the exact subconscious blocks causing problems in your life!
Awakening Dynamics® private sessions are generally 30 minutes long. However, it is recommended that first-time clients book a 60 minutes session, to ensure that we have enough time to answer your questions, cover the basics of muscle testing, and learn about your background and current challenges.

1: Free 15-minute interview
2- First session: 60 minutes: Regular price $300 for $100 ($200 discount)
3- The rate for a single private session during regularly scheduled times is $100 per 30 minutes. 
Or: Private Session Discount Package: $500 for Five 30 Minutes sessions ($250 discount!)
All private sessions in a package must be used within 90 days. You may use the sessions for yourself, or share the sessions with your immediate family who are living with you (so that spouses or parents and young children to share a package.)
All private sessions are 30 or 60 minutes remote (telephone or Skype).
Oona Mourier oonamourier@gmail.com. Ph:707-824-0926

Erectile Strength for Evolution

Erectile Strength for Evolution


Astronomers have discovered the brightest star explosion found yet, a supernova that easily outshines our entire milky way. “The most powerful supernova observed in human history” says a press release on Jan. 14th, 2016.

 What does it mean? The death of a star bombards our planet with subatomic information, with everyone on Earth receiving increased neutrinos. Neutrinos, an important new field of study, are one of the fundamental particles which make up the most abundant particles in the universe. 40% of all matter is made up of neutrinos. They come from the stars and are instruments of our consciousness field with billions of neutrinos passing through us every second.


At its peak intensity, the explosion—called ASASSN-15lh—shone at 570 billion times the brightness of the Sun.  If that statistic does not impress, consider that this luminosity level is approximately 20 times the entire output of the 100 billion stars comprising our Milky Way galaxy. In just the first four months so much energy beamed out of ASASSN-15lh that it would take our Sun in its current state more than 90 billion years to equal its emissions. 


Consciousness is in the stars. Every single star is a source of consciousness. We are being “beamed” into evolution.


I am a mystic, a sexologist, and an evolutionary healer. My book, “9 Secrets to Bedroom Bliss,” was dubbed “the most unusual sex manual of its time” by the New York Post when they called me a cross between Joseph Campbell and Dr. Ruth.

At this time I see a new story emerging—a new mythology.

“Once upon a time penises became weapons, a savage tool of domination. Forced sex was inflicted as degradation; pleasure was replaced by horror with entire communities used for sex labor.

Disconnection from love and ecstasy was rampant not only with the victimized but those who feared it. The land became polluted, exploited and desacralized. To be the penetrator or the one being violated, both call up the same scene of terror for all.

Far away the enlightened ones determined to stop the rampage and bring back connection, love, ecstasy and light to us. They knew that any shadow always has its side of light.

Three cancers have taught me to look into the shadow to find the medicine. A grand starburst followed by a shower of neutrinos is a way to make a profound evolutionary shift.  

A tool for wellness was sent to us that could make an extraordinary impact in all areas of wellness and anti-aging and I became interested in its potential with all parts of sexuality and particularly for the purpose of this conversation with male erectile strength.

From one woman’s near-death experience, comes an astounding story that explores the blueprint of creation. Kathy J. Forti was helped to return to Earth by multi-dimensional beings of light whose goal is to bring healing to our world. With this new guidance she journeyed into the realm of physics and sacred geometry and learned how key mathematical information affects the consciousness of the cells. The language of our DNA is mathematics. Everything in the universe has a mathematical signature including many components of the sexual function such as:


  • Hormonal production and balance, blood flow and lymphatic flow,  libido, desire, arousal, stamina, erotic activation and regulation, penile strength,  muscle strength and size of the penis, all are a function of our DNA.


  • Increased ability to give and receive love and happiness, release past and current emotional traumas, release resistance, increase forgiveness and the ability to open the heart and promote relaxation, increase endorphins.


  • Anti- aging by decreasing the biological age and lengthening telomeres, the balancing of the autonomous nervous system, relaxation.


All of these are connected to activate union with one’s highest vibrational self, the divine source, and caring for the other. In other words the side effects of this technology are happiness, connection and well-being, together with erectile strength.


On one hand we have destruction and rampages and on the other hand we have a huge pool where the sales of Viagra in 2014 were over $49 Billion. Some challenge: many side effects and complaints I have heard from women are about feeling disconnected. One of the most unknown side effects is the disruption of our DNA.


As a mystic, I see things. It is difficult to explain. There is this deep knowing and here is what I see possible: As men use this technology for sexual function and enhancement with distant sessions (time and space are irrelevant), it will surround the earth with healing energy and become the Animus at the highest level of mediation between shadow and light.


Everything is Energy.  True, but that’s only half the picture.  Everything is also consciousness and consciousness drives everything in the universe.

Consciousness is more than “the state of being awake.” Consciousness is the ability of a being to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place, both within oneself and in the realm in which the self exists and operates.  It is the great I AM.

“Such visionary physicists as Nikola Tesla quickly discovered that consciousness is the driving force of all Creation (as did Einstein, which led to his theory of relativity).  Tesla saw into the future and what he saw was astounding—our consciousness could and would someday power cars, laptops, and even interstellar spacecraft.  Think about it.  Fifty years ago we would not have even thought wireless phones possible (the first mobile phone call was made on April 3, 1973).  Technology has come a long way, but nowhere near what’s possible and is coming.  Consciousness will be a major component of both evolutionary and technological change.” —Kathy Forti

Kathy Forti noticed this happening with her own technology, the Trinfinity8 System.  “The more people who used it, or were hooked into the consciousness of it, the stronger its effects became.  It appears to be drawing energy from the universal consciousness grid.” Tesla and Einstein wouldn’t have thought about dismissing it, and we have greatly benefited from their curiosity and openness as a result.” Kathy Forti

With the Trinfinity8 technology, something interesting emerged.  Because the technology was programmed with healing intent, it somehow learned to better connect with the intent and needs of the person operating it. Technology does appear to be learning from the Mind of Man.  This consciousness learning has been verified by Trinfinity8 users reporting how their computer (containing the Trinfinity8 software) has at times selected its own choices within the program, independent of the user. Interestingly, the end results were always an improvement on what the user had originally chosen.  There is clearly a growing intelligence at work here. 

Since Trinfinity 8 is a living entity thing made up of energy like everything else in the universe, and energy is ALIVE and intelligent, it is easy to see a higher frequency of healing sexuality around the planet as the wand of light to protect, preserve and nurture the Earth is spearheading one of the most surprising shifts. As lower frequencies of war and oppression and violation get surrounded by light and healing, the lowest energy will transform to resonate with the higher frequency. In other words, change the context and the experience will change. So we have an opportunity to change the narrative about sexuality, have erectile strength become a wand of change and financially fund projects for the sustainability of the Earth.

I am also aware that new technologies, being new, do not have the background of experience we like to see. We are in a time-crunch of evolution. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are; everything that exists is galactically connected in this universe, and we are left in awe at the magnificence of how everything is in a state of constant, intelligent evolution.  We are the universe and the universal consciousness is US.

I would like to end with a quote from Andrew Harvey from the great mother.

“In my name may all sentient beings be cherished and safe and protected from harm by law and by love. Turn to me now and I will fill you with all the grace and strength, passion and courage you need to transform the world at every level in the living mirror of my truth, my love and my justice. I have a deep intuition that is the gift for us.”


Oona Mourier PhD with a special thank you for Kathy Forti


For more information and to order trinfinity 8 sessions: www.oonamourier.com.

Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God.  amazon.com/author/kathyforti.

For purchase of the Trinfinity 8: www.trinfinity8.com Discount code OM

The Best Consciousness Toy for this Christmas

My encounter with the Trinfinity 8 technology was a life changing experience that opened a new gateway to my understanding of human beings.

On October 2015, The Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald for their research on neutrinos. Neutrinos are one of the fundamental particles which make up the universe. These neutrinos, which make up 40% of all matter, create a vast matrix, or grid, on which the universe is built. Neutrinos come from the Sun, stars and are instruments of our consciousness field a programing agency, an influencing intelligence of consciousness that touches us.

Neutrinos travel at 98 to 99% of the speed of light so, they follow the light. Billions of neutrinos pass through us every second and they interact with our DNA to evolve. The neutrinos are the software for the consciousness field, “The internet of consciousness” if you will.

We have a balance in our bodies, in one hand, a toxic energetic load which is increasing and depleting the body's capacity to find its own healing response (hence the increase of many health conditions), and on the other hand, we have an intelligent body informed by the neutrino flowing through us, that can rebalance its own resources and prevent a full body shut down or failure. The body has a multitudes of ways to raise the level of cellular vitality and knows multitudes of way to repair, to get information and regulates its own system. The body’s ultimate strategy for healing is to inject pure energy into the system out of the stressful situation.

Stressful situations can be subtle such as exposure to EMF, Wi Fi, cellular phones, microwaves, contaminated water, unhealthy foods, GMO products, pollution, and other contaminants that the body does not recognize right away. These “stresses” are destroying our body’s ability to inform and regulate its own system. We are disrupting the information pathway in a way never seen before.

Out of the stressful situations the body ultimate intelligence of healing is to inject pure energy in the system. Enough energy will correct the disharmony. This information is generated by fractals from a universe that is made out of energy, light, and information.

The new trend in medicine is to give the body what it needs in order to heal itself and supports its innate ability to evolve at a higher frequency. Pure energy and light are great medicine for new evolutionary time. Light and consciousness as a healing agents reorganize our bodies, organs, cells, atoms, and DNA, replacing what is worn out, out dated, and ready to be released, allowing for a higher frequency to be present in contact with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. As the frequencies of our body rise increase, our light substance increases and we become a transmitter of light, a point of light within the greater light.

The shift of this evolution is the raising of a higher frequency and the development of a form, a body that can hold higher levels of light and consciousness. In within that matrix…. Healing means aligning to this higher frequency. This infusion of higher energy will allow life to function on a more subtle spiritual level, and is part of the journey of consciousness into a? form that we are part of.


Trinfinity 8 is the ultimate holistic tool for a high level wellness, and represents? a quantum shift in bio-energetic technology. This unique software and hardware was developed by Kathy Forti after she received the information during a near death experience .Her experience brought her into contact with interdimensional beings whom introduced her to the concept of mathematics  being the language of the universe, and the blueprint of our DNA.

Trinfinity 8’s unique technology allows for streams of coded data to be transmitted through your computer’s USB port. This is the first time that we have had the ability to combine the power of mathematics, crystals, and computers together into one piece of technology. This technology is designed to increase awareness while restoring vitality. Thousands of mathematical healing codes, using a computer to communicate the information, to deliver rejuvenation programs based on mathematics, sacred geometry, fractal amplification, and ancient healing tones. This information is transmitted to a body’s cells through pure crystal rods.

The mathematical codes significantly increase the electrical conductivity of human DNA and increased electrical activity is directly correlated to the ability of our DNA to repair itself.

Quantum physicists have discovered that enlightenment is the change you attract when your thought pattern become fractal. A fractal pattern is a geometric shape that is split into billions of parts, with each part containing an exact replica of the whole. The science of fractals allow unified field for waves and people. It is called oneness.

The Trinfinity 8 technology allows fractal fields to bond and become one with the rejuvenation formula within the program. This strengthens and amplifies the information coming through to the user with infinite multiplicity.

Sacred geometry tones have been used to awaken a natural expansion of consciousness, and to activate and transform our DNA.

So why is it so important to repair our DNA at this specific point of time? As previously mentioned, things like EMF’s, microwaves, toxins, medications,,, GMO’s,etc, are constantly bombarding us at an increasing rate The list has become too long. A Los Alamo’s study found that the digital strip search scanner at airports bombards travelers with high levels of terahertz photon? particles. . Terahertz waves can unzip double strand DNA and can significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression,DNA replication, fetal development, fertility, and could even cause cancer.

Trinfinity 8 is encoded with what is best described as ascension coding frequency patterns, which help accelerate evolution by directing DNA activation to its highest potential.

Kathy Forti was given a mission to come back to this particular time to bring forth and assist those recreating the methods used in ancient and advanced civilizations using modern technology. To assist souls so they will to increase their resonance to change their vibrational pattern to adapt them to be able to accept the energetic which are evolving the DNA to push them into ascension.

We all have a unique vibrational signature link to our soul that identifies us in the universe.  Disease is the result of moving away from what your ideal vibrational frequency is, and Trinfinity 8 realigns us to our own body’s healing. This is the quintessential holistic tool for high level wellness in the 21st century.

We all collectively have been touched in some way in this last year with loss and grief in our personal life, or have been hit with a greater awareness of the world sufferings. While we must accept these emotions and experiences yet, we must need be able to move on and continue to generate love and joy. So as I was thinking about what would make a great gift  for Christmas and New Year, it became clear that the perfect way to enter into the new year is with revived vitality, joy, and an open heart.………. To help bring in the New Year with peace, love, and success, I have put together a series of five sessions that will help us for this time of completion and the coming of a new year. This perfect holiday gift with contain the following five programs: Releasing Ancestors, Grief, Boost Personal Power, Self-Love and Divine Alignment.

Going Fractal and Trinfinity 8: We are awakening

Earth magnetic field has been weakening for the past 2000 years and more so in the past few years. No one know why, but it is told that by the ancient one that the magnetic field on Earth was put in place to block our memory of our true heritage, so the soul could learn from the experience of free will, free from the memory of the past.

The magnetic changes are now loosening those memories blocks and we are raising consciousness to greater truth, the veil is lifting, the blinders are coming off.

Mother Earth is shifting her vibrational frequency and so we are. We are awakening…

The ancient Rishis called 7.83Hz the frequency of OM. It also happen to be mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm known as the “Shuman Resonance”

For many years the resonance frequency has hovered at a steady 7.83Hz with only slightly light variation.

In June 2014 sudden spike in activity to around 8.5 Hz. Since then they have recorded days were the Schuman frequency accelerated as far as 16.5Hz

The Earth frequency was clearly speeding up.

The Shuman frequency is said to be in “tune” with the human brain’s alpha & theta states. This acceleration may be why we feel like time has speed up and events and changes in our life are happening more rapidly.

These emerging resonance are correlated to the human brain work activity. It means we are changing.

The 7.83Hz frequency is an alpha/theta state. Relaxed waiting for something to happen.

A 8.5 Hz to 16.5Hz move from the theta range to a state with faster frequency. 12-15 Hz is called Sensory Motor Rhythm. It is an ideal state of “awaken calm”. The mother is shifting her vibrational frequency and so are we… We are awakening.

Trinfinity 8 is the ultimate holistic tool for a high level wellness. A quantum shift in bio-energetic technology. This unique software was developed brought back from a near death experience Kathy Forti. Her experience brought her into contact with inter dimensional beings who introduce her to the concept that math is the language of the universe and the blue print of man DNA.

Trinfinity8’s unique technology allows for streams of coded data to be transmitted through your computer’s USB port. A digital translator device then sends information to the body via specially designed hand-held quartz crystal transmitter/receiver rods. These crystals have been carefully lab grown for clarity and perfection.

It is designed to increase awareness while restoring vitality. Thousands mathematical healing codes use a computer to deliver rejuvenation program based on mathematics, sacred geometry, fractal amplification and ancient healing tones. This information is transmitted to the cellular body through pure crystal rods.

Mathematical codes significantly increase the electrical conductivity of human DNA and an increased electrical activity directly correlates with the ability to the DNA to repair itself.

Quantum physicist have discover that enlightenment is the change you attract when your thoughts pattern get fractal. A fractal is a geometric shape that can split into billions of parts yet each part contains and exact replica of the whole. The science of fractals allow unified field fo waves and people. It is called oneness.

Trinfinity 8 technology allow fractal fields to bond and become one with the rejuvenation formula within the program. This strengthen and amplify the information coming through to the user with infinite multiplicity.

Sacred geometry, tones have been used to awaken a natural expansion of consciousness, to activate and transform our DNA.

What it is so important to repair our DNA at this time? Many things disrupt our DNA?

Los Alamos study found that the digital strip search scanner bombard travelers with high particles terahertz photons. Terahertz waves could unzip double stranded DNA and could significantly interfere with process such as gene expression and DNA replication, fetal development, fertility and cancer.

Trinfinity 8 is encoded with what is best described as ascension coding frequency pattern which help accelerate evolution by directing DNA activation to its highest potential.

This is the quintessential holistic tool for high level wellness in the 21st century. 

There is a mathematical signature to everything in the universe

There is a mathematical signature to everything in the universe. DNA and the blueprint of creation are mathematically coded; mathematics is the language of our DNA. All things that exist have both a mathematical signature and a DNA sequencing. It is our personal, internal software program. It dictates our genetic heritage and is the determiner of how slow or fast we age and evolve. 
Brought back from a near death experience, Dr. Kathy Forti received a download from what she terms “ The Founders” from the 8 th dimension (a dimension she describes as pure creativity dedicated to the service of the universe). It gave her the ability to see the algorithms of the universe. She was instructed to come back to create an electronic device that I believe will change the way people conceive of healing. 

 Trinfinity8 is the first device to use nothing but pure mathematical algorithms with programs based on mathematical codes, vibrational energies and fractal formulations that are in harmony with the core energetics encompassing all of nature. It is also the first device that uses crystals to deliver information to the body.
We understand a mere 5% of our DNA potential, leaving us to question, “Is there a code for health and aging, and can it be reprogrammed?” The idea is that everything can be encapsulated into codes that the human body would know how to accept, responding to it in the most effective way for that individual. This would allow the body to do what it can naturally do, providing a road map that creates a whole new dimension in healing.  
Trinfinity8 was created to unlock barriers, bringing the body to a higher vibrational    level where healing and rejuvenation are possible.

Each treatment has from 50 to 100 different codes included. Some are filled with symbols that have never been seen before, along with the mathematical signature for these symbols. Some are ancient symbols, different from sacred geometry symbols.    Some concepts — like joy — are different from what we know as joy, which is why I have personally experienced states previously unknown to me. All this information is compressed in binary codes, which then open up the DNA. 

The language of our DNA

There is a mathematical signature to everything in the universe. DNA and the blueprint of creation are mathematically coded; mathematics is the language of our DNA. All things that exist have both a mathematical signature and a DNA sequencing. It is our personal, internal software program. It dictates our genetic heritage and is the determiner of how slow or fast we age and evolve. 
Brought back from a near death experience, Dr. Kathy Forti received a download from what she terms “ The Founders” from the 8 th dimension (a dimension she describes as pure creativity dedicated to the service of the universe). It gave her the ability to see the algorithms of the universe. She was instructed to come back to create an electronic device that I believe will change the way people conceive of healing. And that is the Trinfinity 8.......

If you are the Owner of a Brain. This is a “No Brainer”



If you are the Owner of a Brain. This is a “No Brainer”


As I learn more about Asea and Redox Signaling, I felt compelled to write this piece for all of us that have a brain so we can understand how it functions before we forget about it……

It took me to get diagnosed with brain cancer twice and having a medical background to look at what happen to our brain as we age and as we evolve. I wanted to share with you some pieces that I put together about the brain, what happens to the brain and what we can do to about it.

Our brain is one of the most amazing networks of communication; a simple cut on your finger involves 2 million cells to be repaired. Messages are sent continuously, received and transformed. It is said that we use a small portion of our brain and the probable future of aging is the loss of our brain function. We take for granted those “senior moments”, losing words, or forgetting where we place our keys as a natural part of aging.

For the first time Redox Signaling molecules offer us the ability to transform aging and push the known limits of our brain and consciousness.


The nervous system is the command of the network of signaling cells which are part of a complex network of trillions and trillions and trillions of neurons. These cells are the premier signaling cells and fulfill a specialized function. Yet, they face constant toxic threats.


According to Dr. Jimmy Gutman, “Glutathione: Essential Health AID - Antioxidant. Immune Booster. Detoxifier, Dr. Jimmy Gutman, MD, FACEP”  "The brain is particularly susceptible to free radical attack because it generates more oxidative by-products per gram of tissue than any other organ."


Oxidative stress is the number one cause of nerve disorders and damage inside of our body and we ought to understand this process.  It is a build up of oxidants due to damaged tissue.  As our brain tissue functions, the nerve cells build up oxidative stress. Redox Signaling molecules are part of the process that allows the cells to recognize that damage has taken place and take steps to repair that damage.


When this Redox Signaling system is not as efficient as it should be then oxidative stress can become chronic, which means it stays around for a while.  As it does, it damage occurs that may cause the nerve cells to die.  And if the nerve cells die off, that becomes very problematic because they are not easily replaced.


Degeneration of the nerve cells in our brains and in any part of our nervous system, any nerve cell in our body, is caused mostly by oxidative stress .


The way out of this destructive cycle is to enhance the Redox Signaling mechanism that allows the cells to recognize the damage and then take steps to repair it.


So replenishing Redox Signaling is essential to preventing neuro-degeneration.  Also, activation or production of more anti-oxidants can decrease the oxidative stress in the area and allow the nerve cells to survive.


One of the primary anti-oxidants in the brain is called super oxide dismutase or SOD.  In laboratory studies we have shown that Redox Signaling molecules are able to enhance the efficacy of super oxide dismutase many times over -- with the direct result being a significant reduction in oxidative stress, reduction in cell damage, and reduction in cell death.


A reduction in cell death is especially important when it comes to neurons.  If these damaged nerve cells die off in large enough numbers and then are not able to be replaced in the central nervous system this causes various disorders depending on the area of the brain where the cells are affected.


To fight oxidative stress the body uses a complicated network of redox signaling molecules to communicate what needs to be done to repair the cells. As we age we produce fewer and fewer Redox Signaling molecules, and the essential functions they enable begin to slow down. Increasing the concentration of Redox Signaling molecules in our system with a supplement allows these processes to resume.


Many of these anti-oxidant reactions take place while we are sleeping. The mind cleans itself when it is not thinking.  Redox Signaling molecules allow these natural antioxidants like super oxide dismutase to eliminate the oxidative stress in our neurons and to fully recover their vitality.


What are the Causes of Oxidative Stress in our Brain?

Just using our brain creates oxidative stress as well as mental stress. Worry upgrades the neural activity in the brain and generates oxidative stress which can lead to depression and chemical imbalance.

Oxidants, toxins and poisons are also source of oxidative stress. If you have ever drank alcohol too much alcohol and woke up the next morning, you realize you haven’t done your brain anything good because you have possibly more stress and headaches and other symptoms which indicate that you have damaged your brain.

Psychosomatic drugs over time will lead to more oxidative stress and brain damage. And of course the lack of sleep prevents the brain to use one of its main repair systems.


Oxidative Stress in the Brain

 In the central nervous system cells are not replaced very readily and oxidative stress build up to the point where cells start to die. This can cause brain cell death and diminish brain function. The body put more effort into repairing the nerves than to killing and replacing nerves.  Ideally SOD the main antioxidant for the brain is plentiful and is eliminating the oxidants hopefully as fast as they are building up.


Know your Brain

The brain has a 80/20 rule, which means that by the time 80% of the brain function has already been compromised and you only have 20% of the brain function left, at that point we start seeing symptoms. So before that point we can be losing up to 80% of our brain without even knowing it.

Dementia happen when large areas of the brain have been damaged The damage has been taking place usually over years and years of time. With this knowledge we can prevent brain degradation and prevent degenerative problems very early utilizing Redox Signaling Molecules supplementation.



 When damaged nerve cells die off in large enough numbers it causes many disorders depending on the area of the brain for example Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other neuropathies. Oxidative stress in our tissues can be felt in conditions like fibromyalgia and auto-immune diseases where there is damage to the

tissues. Oxidative stress causes burning and tingling, as well as intense pain at times in these tissues and the reduction of oxidative stress can lead to healing and relief.

The macula is also a part of the nervous tissue.  The light can generate free radicals in the eyes which causes the eyes to degrade over time and cause oxidative stress. Those long hours in front of our computer screens create oxidative stress. Redox Signaling molecules do two things: they regenerate or refresh the anti-oxidants that get rid of the free radicals from photo-generation and they protect the eye, the retina and the macula from degradation.


How to Care for our Brain?

During sleep the brain shuts down allowing repair and resolution. Exercise, diet, nap, relaxation and meditation replenish our Redox Signaling Molecules and activate and increase our brain antioxidants. They are all part of the repairing of our brain.


Redox Signaling Molecules

They help the neurons repair themselves; they increase the efficiencies by which signals are passed. As the electrical signals get through to the border of the axon, these electrical signals are converted into chemical signals which are converted back into electrical signals in the next adjoining brain cell and the signal is passed on. Unfortunately we produce less and less Redox Signaling molecules as we age. Declining from having 100% present as a young child to barely10% left at 70 years old leading us to aging, degeneration and disease.


The Brain Antioxidants and Enzymes

Redox Signaling molecules are small molecules. We are able for the first time in history to replenish those to what they were when we were a baby. They can also penetrate the blood brain barrier and trigger the main intracellular anti-oxidants: Super oxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione. Within the cells, they can neutralize millions of oxidant per second not only in our brain but with any cells in our system.  Redox Signaling increases the efficiency of our body’s most important native antioxidants, Glutathione,  Superoxide Dismutase and catalase by more than 500% and also increases their rate of production. You can take as many antioxidants as you wish, first they need to pass through the blood brain barrier and second they need to be activated which is a function of redox signaling. Most people are not aware that without being activated they are useless.

The fast scavenging of oxidants is reflected in the increase clarity and focus and sharpness of the mind.


Peak Efficient Redox Signaling

So important to all of these areas of brain degradation is the ability to heal these tissues very quickly to avoid inflammation and to allow the anti-oxidants to do their job to reduce the oxidative stress. The Redox Signaling system need to be at peak efficiency so it can signal the cells to repair themselves or signal the native mechanisms inside the neurons to repair themselves and remain viable. As a result, the body will heal neurological tissues quickly and will avoid inflammation allowing the system to signal the cells to repair themselves and to mobilized the anti-oxidants.

Redox Signaling shines and touches all the areas associated with neuro-degenerative disorders.


How do we replenish our body of those Redox Signaling Molecules?

It is said that all diseases are due to oxidative stress. Oxidation itself is a culprit and the other is as the cells balance is disrupted by oxidants, they cannot send the messages necessary and cells start dying or can multiply. Aging, wrinkles, pain and other conditions are the results of it. We can today replenish these Redox Signaling molecules recreating in the body the environment for the cells that was present when we were young and healed very fast.

Aging is the body’s decreasing ability to protect, repair, and replace its cells. Redox Signaling molecules are the key to efficiently protecting, repairing, and replacing cells and ASEAis the world’s first and only Redox Signaling supplement


Most of us do not have any knowledge of what it feels like when you drink ASEA and the trillions cells of your body are able to neutralize oxidants at the speed of millions per second. This is truly a quantum leap for human beings, in the ability to live with a brain that will continue to evolve and a body that can perform much more efficiently without the myriad diseases that we are expected to develop as we grow older. This is truly a new paradigm of evolution for humanity!

As for Asea, the company offers a one month return policy so you can experience what it feels like at no risk even though it is better to give it a three month trial.

So our brain is one of our greatest assets and for the first time in human evolution we can continue to expand what we can do with it. It is still a mystery to me how far is the limit, what kind of effect it will have on our brain and the evolution of consciousness. This is what makes me smile when I take Asea and as I continue to watch my brain expand.


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Oona Mourier PhD