There is a mathematical signature to everything in the universe

There is a mathematical signature to everything in the universe. DNA and the blueprint of creation are mathematically coded; mathematics is the language of our DNA. All things that exist have both a mathematical signature and a DNA sequencing. It is our personal, internal software program. It dictates our genetic heritage and is the determiner of how slow or fast we age and evolve. 
Brought back from a near death experience, Dr. Kathy Forti received a download from what she terms “ The Founders” from the 8 th dimension (a dimension she describes as pure creativity dedicated to the service of the universe). It gave her the ability to see the algorithms of the universe. She was instructed to come back to create an electronic device that I believe will change the way people conceive of healing. 

 Trinfinity8 is the first device to use nothing but pure mathematical algorithms with programs based on mathematical codes, vibrational energies and fractal formulations that are in harmony with the core energetics encompassing all of nature. It is also the first device that uses crystals to deliver information to the body.
We understand a mere 5% of our DNA potential, leaving us to question, “Is there a code for health and aging, and can it be reprogrammed?” The idea is that everything can be encapsulated into codes that the human body would know how to accept, responding to it in the most effective way for that individual. This would allow the body to do what it can naturally do, providing a road map that creates a whole new dimension in healing.  
Trinfinity8 was created to unlock barriers, bringing the body to a higher vibrational    level where healing and rejuvenation are possible.

Each treatment has from 50 to 100 different codes included. Some are filled with symbols that have never been seen before, along with the mathematical signature for these symbols. Some are ancient symbols, different from sacred geometry symbols.    Some concepts — like joy — are different from what we know as joy, which is why I have personally experienced states previously unknown to me. All this information is compressed in binary codes, which then open up the DNA.