The Best Consciousness Toy for this Christmas

My encounter with the Trinfinity 8 technology was a life changing experience that opened a new gateway to my understanding of human beings.

On October 2015, The Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald for their research on neutrinos. Neutrinos are one of the fundamental particles which make up the universe. These neutrinos, which make up 40% of all matter, create a vast matrix, or grid, on which the universe is built. Neutrinos come from the Sun, stars and are instruments of our consciousness field a programing agency, an influencing intelligence of consciousness that touches us.

Neutrinos travel at 98 to 99% of the speed of light so, they follow the light. Billions of neutrinos pass through us every second and they interact with our DNA to evolve. The neutrinos are the software for the consciousness field, “The internet of consciousness” if you will.

We have a balance in our bodies, in one hand, a toxic energetic load which is increasing and depleting the body's capacity to find its own healing response (hence the increase of many health conditions), and on the other hand, we have an intelligent body informed by the neutrino flowing through us, that can rebalance its own resources and prevent a full body shut down or failure. The body has a multitudes of ways to raise the level of cellular vitality and knows multitudes of way to repair, to get information and regulates its own system. The body’s ultimate strategy for healing is to inject pure energy into the system out of the stressful situation.

Stressful situations can be subtle such as exposure to EMF, Wi Fi, cellular phones, microwaves, contaminated water, unhealthy foods, GMO products, pollution, and other contaminants that the body does not recognize right away. These “stresses” are destroying our body’s ability to inform and regulate its own system. We are disrupting the information pathway in a way never seen before.

Out of the stressful situations the body ultimate intelligence of healing is to inject pure energy in the system. Enough energy will correct the disharmony. This information is generated by fractals from a universe that is made out of energy, light, and information.

The new trend in medicine is to give the body what it needs in order to heal itself and supports its innate ability to evolve at a higher frequency. Pure energy and light are great medicine for new evolutionary time. Light and consciousness as a healing agents reorganize our bodies, organs, cells, atoms, and DNA, replacing what is worn out, out dated, and ready to be released, allowing for a higher frequency to be present in contact with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. As the frequencies of our body rise increase, our light substance increases and we become a transmitter of light, a point of light within the greater light.

The shift of this evolution is the raising of a higher frequency and the development of a form, a body that can hold higher levels of light and consciousness. In within that matrix…. Healing means aligning to this higher frequency. This infusion of higher energy will allow life to function on a more subtle spiritual level, and is part of the journey of consciousness into a? form that we are part of.


Trinfinity 8 is the ultimate holistic tool for a high level wellness, and represents? a quantum shift in bio-energetic technology. This unique software and hardware was developed by Kathy Forti after she received the information during a near death experience .Her experience brought her into contact with interdimensional beings whom introduced her to the concept of mathematics  being the language of the universe, and the blueprint of our DNA.

Trinfinity 8’s unique technology allows for streams of coded data to be transmitted through your computer’s USB port. This is the first time that we have had the ability to combine the power of mathematics, crystals, and computers together into one piece of technology. This technology is designed to increase awareness while restoring vitality. Thousands of mathematical healing codes, using a computer to communicate the information, to deliver rejuvenation programs based on mathematics, sacred geometry, fractal amplification, and ancient healing tones. This information is transmitted to a body’s cells through pure crystal rods.

The mathematical codes significantly increase the electrical conductivity of human DNA and increased electrical activity is directly correlated to the ability of our DNA to repair itself.

Quantum physicists have discovered that enlightenment is the change you attract when your thought pattern become fractal. A fractal pattern is a geometric shape that is split into billions of parts, with each part containing an exact replica of the whole. The science of fractals allow unified field for waves and people. It is called oneness.

The Trinfinity 8 technology allows fractal fields to bond and become one with the rejuvenation formula within the program. This strengthens and amplifies the information coming through to the user with infinite multiplicity.

Sacred geometry tones have been used to awaken a natural expansion of consciousness, and to activate and transform our DNA.

So why is it so important to repair our DNA at this specific point of time? As previously mentioned, things like EMF’s, microwaves, toxins, medications,,, GMO’s,etc, are constantly bombarding us at an increasing rate The list has become too long. A Los Alamo’s study found that the digital strip search scanner at airports bombards travelers with high levels of terahertz photon? particles. . Terahertz waves can unzip double strand DNA and can significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression,DNA replication, fetal development, fertility, and could even cause cancer.

Trinfinity 8 is encoded with what is best described as ascension coding frequency patterns, which help accelerate evolution by directing DNA activation to its highest potential.

Kathy Forti was given a mission to come back to this particular time to bring forth and assist those recreating the methods used in ancient and advanced civilizations using modern technology. To assist souls so they will to increase their resonance to change their vibrational pattern to adapt them to be able to accept the energetic which are evolving the DNA to push them into ascension.

We all have a unique vibrational signature link to our soul that identifies us in the universe.  Disease is the result of moving away from what your ideal vibrational frequency is, and Trinfinity 8 realigns us to our own body’s healing. This is the quintessential holistic tool for high level wellness in the 21st century.

We all collectively have been touched in some way in this last year with loss and grief in our personal life, or have been hit with a greater awareness of the world sufferings. While we must accept these emotions and experiences yet, we must need be able to move on and continue to generate love and joy. So as I was thinking about what would make a great gift  for Christmas and New Year, it became clear that the perfect way to enter into the new year is with revived vitality, joy, and an open heart.………. To help bring in the New Year with peace, love, and success, I have put together a series of five sessions that will help us for this time of completion and the coming of a new year. This perfect holiday gift with contain the following five programs: Releasing Ancestors, Grief, Boost Personal Power, Self-Love and Divine Alignment.