If you are the Owner of a Brain. This is a “No Brainer”



If you are the Owner of a Brain. This is a “No Brainer”


As I learn more about Asea and Redox Signaling, I felt compelled to write this piece for all of us that have a brain so we can understand how it functions before we forget about it……

It took me to get diagnosed with brain cancer twice and having a medical background to look at what happen to our brain as we age and as we evolve. I wanted to share with you some pieces that I put together about the brain, what happens to the brain and what we can do to about it.

Our brain is one of the most amazing networks of communication; a simple cut on your finger involves 2 million cells to be repaired. Messages are sent continuously, received and transformed. It is said that we use a small portion of our brain and the probable future of aging is the loss of our brain function. We take for granted those “senior moments”, losing words, or forgetting where we place our keys as a natural part of aging.

For the first time Redox Signaling molecules offer us the ability to transform aging and push the known limits of our brain and consciousness.


The nervous system is the command of the network of signaling cells which are part of a complex network of trillions and trillions and trillions of neurons. These cells are the premier signaling cells and fulfill a specialized function. Yet, they face constant toxic threats.


According to Dr. Jimmy Gutman, “Glutathione: Essential Health AID - Antioxidant. Immune Booster. Detoxifier, Dr. Jimmy Gutman, MD, FACEP”  "The brain is particularly susceptible to free radical attack because it generates more oxidative by-products per gram of tissue than any other organ."


Oxidative stress is the number one cause of nerve disorders and damage inside of our body and we ought to understand this process.  It is a build up of oxidants due to damaged tissue.  As our brain tissue functions, the nerve cells build up oxidative stress. Redox Signaling molecules are part of the process that allows the cells to recognize that damage has taken place and take steps to repair that damage.


When this Redox Signaling system is not as efficient as it should be then oxidative stress can become chronic, which means it stays around for a while.  As it does, it damage occurs that may cause the nerve cells to die.  And if the nerve cells die off, that becomes very problematic because they are not easily replaced.


Degeneration of the nerve cells in our brains and in any part of our nervous system, any nerve cell in our body, is caused mostly by oxidative stress .


The way out of this destructive cycle is to enhance the Redox Signaling mechanism that allows the cells to recognize the damage and then take steps to repair it.


So replenishing Redox Signaling is essential to preventing neuro-degeneration.  Also, activation or production of more anti-oxidants can decrease the oxidative stress in the area and allow the nerve cells to survive.


One of the primary anti-oxidants in the brain is called super oxide dismutase or SOD.  In laboratory studies we have shown that Redox Signaling molecules are able to enhance the efficacy of super oxide dismutase many times over -- with the direct result being a significant reduction in oxidative stress, reduction in cell damage, and reduction in cell death.


A reduction in cell death is especially important when it comes to neurons.  If these damaged nerve cells die off in large enough numbers and then are not able to be replaced in the central nervous system this causes various disorders depending on the area of the brain where the cells are affected.


To fight oxidative stress the body uses a complicated network of redox signaling molecules to communicate what needs to be done to repair the cells. As we age we produce fewer and fewer Redox Signaling molecules, and the essential functions they enable begin to slow down. Increasing the concentration of Redox Signaling molecules in our system with a supplement allows these processes to resume.


Many of these anti-oxidant reactions take place while we are sleeping. The mind cleans itself when it is not thinking.  Redox Signaling molecules allow these natural antioxidants like super oxide dismutase to eliminate the oxidative stress in our neurons and to fully recover their vitality.


What are the Causes of Oxidative Stress in our Brain?

Just using our brain creates oxidative stress as well as mental stress. Worry upgrades the neural activity in the brain and generates oxidative stress which can lead to depression and chemical imbalance.

Oxidants, toxins and poisons are also source of oxidative stress. If you have ever drank alcohol too much alcohol and woke up the next morning, you realize you haven’t done your brain anything good because you have possibly more stress and headaches and other symptoms which indicate that you have damaged your brain.

Psychosomatic drugs over time will lead to more oxidative stress and brain damage. And of course the lack of sleep prevents the brain to use one of its main repair systems.


Oxidative Stress in the Brain

 In the central nervous system cells are not replaced very readily and oxidative stress build up to the point where cells start to die. This can cause brain cell death and diminish brain function. The body put more effort into repairing the nerves than to killing and replacing nerves.  Ideally SOD the main antioxidant for the brain is plentiful and is eliminating the oxidants hopefully as fast as they are building up.


Know your Brain

The brain has a 80/20 rule, which means that by the time 80% of the brain function has already been compromised and you only have 20% of the brain function left, at that point we start seeing symptoms. So before that point we can be losing up to 80% of our brain without even knowing it.

Dementia happen when large areas of the brain have been damaged The damage has been taking place usually over years and years of time. With this knowledge we can prevent brain degradation and prevent degenerative problems very early utilizing Redox Signaling Molecules supplementation.



 When damaged nerve cells die off in large enough numbers it causes many disorders depending on the area of the brain for example Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other neuropathies. Oxidative stress in our tissues can be felt in conditions like fibromyalgia and auto-immune diseases where there is damage to the

tissues. Oxidative stress causes burning and tingling, as well as intense pain at times in these tissues and the reduction of oxidative stress can lead to healing and relief.

The macula is also a part of the nervous tissue.  The light can generate free radicals in the eyes which causes the eyes to degrade over time and cause oxidative stress. Those long hours in front of our computer screens create oxidative stress. Redox Signaling molecules do two things: they regenerate or refresh the anti-oxidants that get rid of the free radicals from photo-generation and they protect the eye, the retina and the macula from degradation.


How to Care for our Brain?

During sleep the brain shuts down allowing repair and resolution. Exercise, diet, nap, relaxation and meditation replenish our Redox Signaling Molecules and activate and increase our brain antioxidants. They are all part of the repairing of our brain.


Redox Signaling Molecules

They help the neurons repair themselves; they increase the efficiencies by which signals are passed. As the electrical signals get through to the border of the axon, these electrical signals are converted into chemical signals which are converted back into electrical signals in the next adjoining brain cell and the signal is passed on. Unfortunately we produce less and less Redox Signaling molecules as we age. Declining from having 100% present as a young child to barely10% left at 70 years old leading us to aging, degeneration and disease.


The Brain Antioxidants and Enzymes

Redox Signaling molecules are small molecules. We are able for the first time in history to replenish those to what they were when we were a baby. They can also penetrate the blood brain barrier and trigger the main intracellular anti-oxidants: Super oxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione. Within the cells, they can neutralize millions of oxidant per second not only in our brain but with any cells in our system.  Redox Signaling increases the efficiency of our body’s most important native antioxidants, Glutathione,  Superoxide Dismutase and catalase by more than 500% and also increases their rate of production. You can take as many antioxidants as you wish, first they need to pass through the blood brain barrier and second they need to be activated which is a function of redox signaling. Most people are not aware that without being activated they are useless.

The fast scavenging of oxidants is reflected in the increase clarity and focus and sharpness of the mind.


Peak Efficient Redox Signaling

So important to all of these areas of brain degradation is the ability to heal these tissues very quickly to avoid inflammation and to allow the anti-oxidants to do their job to reduce the oxidative stress. The Redox Signaling system need to be at peak efficiency so it can signal the cells to repair themselves or signal the native mechanisms inside the neurons to repair themselves and remain viable. As a result, the body will heal neurological tissues quickly and will avoid inflammation allowing the system to signal the cells to repair themselves and to mobilized the anti-oxidants.

Redox Signaling shines and touches all the areas associated with neuro-degenerative disorders.


How do we replenish our body of those Redox Signaling Molecules?

It is said that all diseases are due to oxidative stress. Oxidation itself is a culprit and the other is as the cells balance is disrupted by oxidants, they cannot send the messages necessary and cells start dying or can multiply. Aging, wrinkles, pain and other conditions are the results of it. We can today replenish these Redox Signaling molecules recreating in the body the environment for the cells that was present when we were young and healed very fast.

Aging is the body’s decreasing ability to protect, repair, and replace its cells. Redox Signaling molecules are the key to efficiently protecting, repairing, and replacing cells and ASEAis the world’s first and only Redox Signaling supplement


Most of us do not have any knowledge of what it feels like when you drink ASEA and the trillions cells of your body are able to neutralize oxidants at the speed of millions per second. This is truly a quantum leap for human beings, in the ability to live with a brain that will continue to evolve and a body that can perform much more efficiently without the myriad diseases that we are expected to develop as we grow older. This is truly a new paradigm of evolution for humanity!

As for Asea, the company offers a one month return policy so you can experience what it feels like at no risk even though it is better to give it a three month trial.

So our brain is one of our greatest assets and for the first time in human evolution we can continue to expand what we can do with it. It is still a mystery to me how far is the limit, what kind of effect it will have on our brain and the evolution of consciousness. This is what makes me smile when I take Asea and as I continue to watch my brain expand.


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Oona Mourier PhD