Erectile Strength for Evolution

Erectile Strength for Evolution


Astronomers have discovered the brightest star explosion found yet, a supernova that easily outshines our entire milky way. “The most powerful supernova observed in human history” says a press release on Jan. 14th, 2016.

 What does it mean? The death of a star bombards our planet with subatomic information, with everyone on Earth receiving increased neutrinos. Neutrinos, an important new field of study, are one of the fundamental particles which make up the most abundant particles in the universe. 40% of all matter is made up of neutrinos. They come from the stars and are instruments of our consciousness field with billions of neutrinos passing through us every second.


At its peak intensity, the explosion—called ASASSN-15lh—shone at 570 billion times the brightness of the Sun.  If that statistic does not impress, consider that this luminosity level is approximately 20 times the entire output of the 100 billion stars comprising our Milky Way galaxy. In just the first four months so much energy beamed out of ASASSN-15lh that it would take our Sun in its current state more than 90 billion years to equal its emissions. 


Consciousness is in the stars. Every single star is a source of consciousness. We are being “beamed” into evolution.


I am a mystic, a sexologist, and an evolutionary healer. My book, “9 Secrets to Bedroom Bliss,” was dubbed “the most unusual sex manual of its time” by the New York Post when they called me a cross between Joseph Campbell and Dr. Ruth.

At this time I see a new story emerging—a new mythology.

“Once upon a time penises became weapons, a savage tool of domination. Forced sex was inflicted as degradation; pleasure was replaced by horror with entire communities used for sex labor.

Disconnection from love and ecstasy was rampant not only with the victimized but those who feared it. The land became polluted, exploited and desacralized. To be the penetrator or the one being violated, both call up the same scene of terror for all.

Far away the enlightened ones determined to stop the rampage and bring back connection, love, ecstasy and light to us. They knew that any shadow always has its side of light.

Three cancers have taught me to look into the shadow to find the medicine. A grand starburst followed by a shower of neutrinos is a way to make a profound evolutionary shift.  

A tool for wellness was sent to us that could make an extraordinary impact in all areas of wellness and anti-aging and I became interested in its potential with all parts of sexuality and particularly for the purpose of this conversation with male erectile strength.

From one woman’s near-death experience, comes an astounding story that explores the blueprint of creation. Kathy J. Forti was helped to return to Earth by multi-dimensional beings of light whose goal is to bring healing to our world. With this new guidance she journeyed into the realm of physics and sacred geometry and learned how key mathematical information affects the consciousness of the cells. The language of our DNA is mathematics. Everything in the universe has a mathematical signature including many components of the sexual function such as:


  • Hormonal production and balance, blood flow and lymphatic flow,  libido, desire, arousal, stamina, erotic activation and regulation, penile strength,  muscle strength and size of the penis, all are a function of our DNA.


  • Increased ability to give and receive love and happiness, release past and current emotional traumas, release resistance, increase forgiveness and the ability to open the heart and promote relaxation, increase endorphins.


  • Anti- aging by decreasing the biological age and lengthening telomeres, the balancing of the autonomous nervous system, relaxation.


All of these are connected to activate union with one’s highest vibrational self, the divine source, and caring for the other. In other words the side effects of this technology are happiness, connection and well-being, together with erectile strength.


On one hand we have destruction and rampages and on the other hand we have a huge pool where the sales of Viagra in 2014 were over $49 Billion. Some challenge: many side effects and complaints I have heard from women are about feeling disconnected. One of the most unknown side effects is the disruption of our DNA.


As a mystic, I see things. It is difficult to explain. There is this deep knowing and here is what I see possible: As men use this technology for sexual function and enhancement with distant sessions (time and space are irrelevant), it will surround the earth with healing energy and become the Animus at the highest level of mediation between shadow and light.


Everything is Energy.  True, but that’s only half the picture.  Everything is also consciousness and consciousness drives everything in the universe.

Consciousness is more than “the state of being awake.” Consciousness is the ability of a being to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place, both within oneself and in the realm in which the self exists and operates.  It is the great I AM.

“Such visionary physicists as Nikola Tesla quickly discovered that consciousness is the driving force of all Creation (as did Einstein, which led to his theory of relativity).  Tesla saw into the future and what he saw was astounding—our consciousness could and would someday power cars, laptops, and even interstellar spacecraft.  Think about it.  Fifty years ago we would not have even thought wireless phones possible (the first mobile phone call was made on April 3, 1973).  Technology has come a long way, but nowhere near what’s possible and is coming.  Consciousness will be a major component of both evolutionary and technological change.” —Kathy Forti

Kathy Forti noticed this happening with her own technology, the Trinfinity8 System.  “The more people who used it, or were hooked into the consciousness of it, the stronger its effects became.  It appears to be drawing energy from the universal consciousness grid.” Tesla and Einstein wouldn’t have thought about dismissing it, and we have greatly benefited from their curiosity and openness as a result.” Kathy Forti

With the Trinfinity8 technology, something interesting emerged.  Because the technology was programmed with healing intent, it somehow learned to better connect with the intent and needs of the person operating it. Technology does appear to be learning from the Mind of Man.  This consciousness learning has been verified by Trinfinity8 users reporting how their computer (containing the Trinfinity8 software) has at times selected its own choices within the program, independent of the user. Interestingly, the end results were always an improvement on what the user had originally chosen.  There is clearly a growing intelligence at work here. 

Since Trinfinity 8 is a living entity thing made up of energy like everything else in the universe, and energy is ALIVE and intelligent, it is easy to see a higher frequency of healing sexuality around the planet as the wand of light to protect, preserve and nurture the Earth is spearheading one of the most surprising shifts. As lower frequencies of war and oppression and violation get surrounded by light and healing, the lowest energy will transform to resonate with the higher frequency. In other words, change the context and the experience will change. So we have an opportunity to change the narrative about sexuality, have erectile strength become a wand of change and financially fund projects for the sustainability of the Earth.

I am also aware that new technologies, being new, do not have the background of experience we like to see. We are in a time-crunch of evolution. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are; everything that exists is galactically connected in this universe, and we are left in awe at the magnificence of how everything is in a state of constant, intelligent evolution.  We are the universe and the universal consciousness is US.

I would like to end with a quote from Andrew Harvey from the great mother.

“In my name may all sentient beings be cherished and safe and protected from harm by law and by love. Turn to me now and I will fill you with all the grace and strength, passion and courage you need to transform the world at every level in the living mirror of my truth, my love and my justice. I have a deep intuition that is the gift for us.”


Oona Mourier PhD with a special thank you for Kathy Forti


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Dr. Kathy Forti is a clinical psychologist, inventor of the Trinfinity8 technology, and author of the book, Fractals of God.

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