A Collective Trauma?

When we change our thinking, we are only accessing the conscious mind (5-10%). 
90 to 95% of our life is generated from the subconscious mind, and we are not aware of it. it is the part that is off limit. The law of attraction works only to change what is in your conscious mind.

The subconscious mind is where our power and intelligence are located. So how do we communicate with this mysterious force.?
The higher thought function or conscious mind are located in the brain.
Where is the subconscious mind? People would say the heart or the brain, but the answer is in fact the body. Every cell of your body constitutes the subconscious mind. Every cell has memory, and it is the body intelligence.
For example, transplant get memories from donor, the body intelligence comes with that body part. Memories does not work only in the brain but in the physical body.

How do we get those memories stored in our cells?
The cells take memories in 4 different ways.
1- The core level are experiences from this life time.
2- The genetic level are things that have happened to our ancestors back to seven generation. We all have genetic memories of our ancestors brought to us in this life time. We all have things in our life from money, relationships, illness and other problems held from genetic memories that contribute to the picture.
3- Past life memories are in our body intelligence, memories that happen in other life time and events and some mysterious phenomenon in the universe where we pick up those experiences.
4- The soul level is the whole energy of your being, your life mission, what is the purpose of your incarnation.

All those levels create your subconscious. The law of attraction works from your subconscious system. The program you hold will attract the reality you have….

So we have an opportunity to upgrade our software as human beings in a quantum way. It does not take very long ….
Do we want to give that inheritance to the children of our children or is it going to stop the narrative of war and separation in this generation now, so we can evolve in peace and oneness.

And here is a testimonial for this work.
" It is my experience with working in the unseen realms-the subconscious, that most of the change happens very subtly. 
In my session with Oona, change happened almost immediately!
I expect more gradual change to continue. Five Star recommendation"
Vicchi Oleski Founder & Innovator