Healing and the Subconscious



 A Happy New Year to all. Many healings individually and collectively.
As I am contemplating the last year, it has been a year of many success and accomplishment:  A documentary on his way and the working with Awakening Dynamics.
I had been wondering why some people do not heal or have recurring accidents or anything that seems to recur in life. What is the deep impact from trauma, not only the emotional or physical but at a cellular level and the impact of shock on the collective and how do we work with those embedded fears. This questionning lead me to work with Brent Phillips and the amazing added piece of the puzzle of personal and collective healing . More soon on trauma and shock. 

95% of your life is created by our subconscious
If the subconscious mind were a computer, it would process 4- 40 million bits of information per second.
If your conscious mind was a computer, it would process 20-40 bits of information per second.
Hence the subconscious mind is between 100,000 to a million times more powerful than the conscious mind.
The large majority of our subconscious beliefs are genetic and inherited from our ancestors as well as childhood experiences (including your time in the womb), memories from other life time, soul contracts, woes.
Another way to say it: As human being we have inherited a software from a long time ago and all those are part of our collective consciousness and a lot of them are not useful anymore.
Fortunately, it is easy to clean out and reprogram the subconscious.

Theta Brainwaves are the state of REM sleep and the border between conscious and the subconscious world. By learning to use a conscious, waking theta brainwave, you can access and influence the subconscious mind.
Gamma Brainwaves is the brainwaves of hyper alertness, perception, and the integration of sensory
Learning to change these subconscious codes represents a radical increase in personal power because it transforms you into a self-modifying program!

The subconscious create belief, mythology and archetype.
Belief: A belief is a single line of code in the subconscious mind, such as “Rich people are greedy” or “Nobody will ever love me”. Most people have billions or more individual beliefs.
Mythology: A mythology is a set of beliefs that act together and act as a complete subroutine or small program. Examples of mythologies are “poverty consciousness”, “racial prejudice” or various religious and philosophical belief systems. Most people have thousand or more mythologies.
Archetype: An archetype is a set of complementary mythologies that define a person and how it behaves, such as “the victim” or the “wounded warrior”. Most people have only a small number of primary archetypes (usually no more than a few dozen.)

You can program the subconscious mind to reflect the way you want your life to be for health, weight loss, success, love, or anything you desire, and then the Universe will provide you with the resources and opportunity needed to achieve your goals and will figure out the details of how to manifest it!

What determines the probabilities that I will be sick or healthy, rich or poor, alone or in love? What determine the probabilities is the programming of your subconscious mind. The belief, codes, traumas and other programs in your subconscious mind determine the probabilities that various things will happen or not in your life.

True higher dimensional living is about modifying the human organism to become what it needs to be to attract and create what you want with the Universe.

As I see it, is one of the steps of consciousness into form…. The ability for consciousness to create form.

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