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A New World Anthem Where the journey of bringing light starts.

An invitation to join this epic journey

The world anthem is to be presented to the global community who has raised in oneness and cohesion all around the world in January 2017 with a deep yearning for peace and unity. We will have the year anniversary be the presentation for the world anthem Jan 2018.

The movie "Thrive" pointed the finger to what is happening. The movie " The Connected Universe" showing that we really are one and the documentary "Singing as One" with the anthem (to be scheduled in a year from the global uprising) following in spring as pointing the finger to the way to do it and the creation of a new context for a sustainable world.

All the pieces are in place for making the project ready for next year for the one year anniversary of this global event. This would be the time to present the world anthems to be singed at the end of the day from all around the world “Singing as One”.

Oona Mourier PhD

Singing as One



Your contributions will be dedicated to

1. Making the documentary “Singing as One” showing the way and answering the question:        How do we live as One?

2. Bring together all the most amazing spiritual musicians from around the world to perform in Los Angeles and in many other cities around the world