“Human Design is a powerful tool offering a unique perspective on the energetic and psycho-spiritual dynamics of an individual life. I benefitted greatly from my Human Design interpretative session with Dr. Mourier. She brought to the session, years of counseling experience and a deep understanding of the tool's dimensions.  The wisdom which flowed through the session was like a magnifying mirror, reflecting back to me, the details of my inner evolutionary experience, in a more beautiful tapestry than I had imagined. The session was an affirming gift to myself in a time of uncertainty. Thank you, Oona."    C.Conner Santa Monica, CA.


"A magnifying mirror, reflecting back to me, the details of my inner evolutionary experience, in a more beautiful tapestry than I had imagined"  C.Conner Santa Monica, CA.


“In February 2017 Oona did a Human Design Reading for me. She spent a lot of time going through it with me in great details and I found it provided me with guidance and a game plan moving forward with my life. She really made sure I understood it and I got a lot of useful and practical information from the reading. It has made me look at aspects of my life differently and I will be forever grateful for the experience I had with her.”    Jill

Oona Mourier - Brings new energy, passion and enthusiasm to the world of Human Design. 
Oona's Human Design readings, allow you to immediately get to the core, of your human expression.
You will discover that you have more authority over your life. A Human Design reading will help you to come home to yourself, life, and aliveness.
You can now get back to living from full embodiment, your original unique design, beyond the comprised state of societal conditioning.
You will now know the truth of who you are and with that knowledge and direction, your unfolding can continue naturally, long after the reading. 


No matter how long you have forged the path of personal growth/development and consciousness exploration, a human design reading with Oona; can be an added benefit to your life, by merging and integrating the benefits of inner work and consciousness exploration you have done over many years, with a sound, grounded, worldly approaching to knowing and loving yourself - through Human Design work. 


Human Design resides at the center of your being, and you can't go wrong with a reading. I had been aware of human design for years, but was impressed with the particular passion and enthusiasm Oona was bringing to Human Design. A passion that was compelling enough for me to get a reading, and I'm glad I did. 


I have known Oona prior to her exploration into Human Design, and she is always on the cutting edge of human consciousness, as an evolutionary healer and mystic educator. Oona is committed to your evolution, as well as, the evolution of the planet and humanity.
Zef J. Amen

Soul Speaker Speaks

It is my experience with working in the unseen realms-the subconscious, that most of the change happens very subtly. My session with Oona, change happened almost immediately! I expect more gradual change to continue. Five Star recommendation. Vicchi Oleski -  Founder & Innovato


"Human Design is a profound and fascinating system that has helped me in numerous ways understand who I am.  Oona, as a human design facilitator is gifted in explainingthis very complex and deep system.  She has the ability to take what seems like a foreign language and make it extremely meaningful and personalized to the individual. The knowledge of Human Design and the application of this system to my life, has supported my growth and transformation in deep ways.  I highly recommend having an individualized reading with Oona, it will change your life.” Jessie K- Nov 2016 ~ 5/1 Reflector


"Oona is a brilliant and sensitive human design specialist, her strong intuition combined with a deep human design knowledge delivers accurate, powerful and clear session. The reading was potent and shed important light on relational- behavioral and life dynamic that was very helpful. Her clarity helped me flow with life in a way that I did not have before. Thank you Oona for your kindness and brilliance!" Natalie Z


"Oona has a broad grasp of the interconnecting elements of the Human Design system and has made it a strong and deep part of how she guides her own life. In watching how it has changed her, I became interested in my own Design. While it is new in my own understanding of myself, I have been surprised at the numerous ways in which her reading of it for me fit many things I know about myself, and others I'll need time to ponder. The main thrust of my life purpose aligns with the Design as she describes it. It's much deeper and more meaningful than astrological readings I've had, and I look forward to seeing how it plays out in my future. Alexandra Hart


"Through your Human Design reading, I understood that I do not need to make things happen but to respond. I saw clearly that I am done being the one that does it all, I paid my karmic debt and do not have to do it. It has help me to wake up to I am free and do not have to live by the cultural pictures I had formed. It took me faster than other methodologies and gave me clarity to go on with my life.
The visual of Human Design and the quality of very high attention and great vision you bring allowed me to see my whole path and how I am designed and linked up to the Divine, understanding that my being can operate in a way that I am open to and can see my path.
A great deal of sight and vision, I would recommend Human Design with Oona. You bring a lot to a reading and create a freedom of thinking shaking out old thoughts. 
Lorene Allen


Although I have known of Human Design for many years and had had my chart read before, my reading with Oona was the first time i could truly understand the power of my design so my life is finally aligning with my potential and truth. I am very grateful to Oona and highly recommend her". Vayya


"I highly recommend Oona for getting a Human Design reading. She is very knowledgeable about the levels of depth and intricacies of this very complex system and takes a great deal of time and care explaining the reading to her clients. As someone who has been on a path of self-discovery myself for over 30 years, I was delighted by how much I learned about myself, and how much the system and Oona had to offer!" Tina Benson


"Sept 18th 2015 Dear Oona. Today I really feel the effects in all domains: knees much better, general energy light and happy, the traumatic sadness gone. It is really a miracle!!  MA


Sept 17 2015. My first experience with the Trinfinity 8 was to help relieve my body of an intense condition that I have had in my head for the better part of my 56 year life.  It started as and was harbored inside till adulthood.  Clearly with that level of sustained trauma I was very curious to see what it might have the capacity to do.  The first session, remotely from about 20 miles away, primarily felt like it was tearing out all sorts of old and completely misaligned programming of my nervous system to reveal an entirely different type of logic within my body that I had never felt or seen before.  After about 20 minutes of that, it slowed down to a more balancing pace of restoring energy and peace within my body and finally a place of energetic and informational recharge to allow my psyche to have access to a depth of personality and being that it had never been able to access before.  


I understand that Oona has 72 programs that she gets to pick and coordinate from according to the client needs, and effectively design a choreography of healing.  Consequently the first one would be appropriate to be possibly the most intense with subsequent ones having a different focus.  The second session was a lot more subtle with it reaching inside of me on much deeper and more subconscious levels into places that are hard to describe, but did take me the rest of the day to integrate and finally come to a sense of peace with.  I cannot say exactly what it was all about but it did seem to be uncovering and resolving a lot of deep psychic breaks that had existed within me completely beyond any possible conscious awareness and thus opening the door for yet but another level of personality and being emergence. Ken. 


September 14th 2015. Wow Tazzy is perfectly mellow this morning and not shaking. What was it exactly you did with her picture? (Tazzy is a dog. I did a remote session with T8). Pam


August 18th. From Heather H: After less than 24Hrs and 3 sessions. On facebook: "I have discomfort radiating down my left leg." Trinfinity 8 at distance  Oona!!!! I am 80% better this morning. Thank you!!! I am a believer I have been had this condition for almost three weeks." An other T8 session that morning and she was 100% better in the afternoon..... Less that 24H......


August 14th 2015. After first day of my Mom receiving Trinity she showed improvement.  Able to walk 6-8 steps without having to think about it or having her right foot not move.  They both moved and not as slowly as before.  She is talking more and asked to go to the bathroom w/o being asked if she needed to go.  She seems more alert and strength is improving, standing holding walker longer, getting up to stand w/o as much assistance and her temperament has improved.....not as grouchy, depressed (holding her head down), now head is up, more willing to exercise, not as stiff or scared to walk w/walker.  Yesterday, she said I think I am improving don't you think so?  Before she would say, I'm doing ok not great.  She knew she was declining before, now she feels the improvement.  Thank you, Daughter Tonia


August 15th 2015 She slept through breakfast peacefully.  She did not want to wake up.  When she awoke at 11:00 AM, I was told she was more energetic and willing to do her exercises today! She looked peaceful again and had a little smile and cheeks flushed.  Got up with ease and more body strength at 8:00pm. Peace, Tonia


 Here is an update as of today September 2nd. 

1. Mom is asking to go to the bathroom...she stayed dry all day today.

2. Standing for longer periods of time on her own/walker w/o us holding her arm for balance.

3. Gets her balance quicker after awakening from a nap.

4. Walked from kitchen to the hallway twice w/walker.

5. Holding her own glass w/o it tilting over as much and drinking.

6. Feeding herself better w/o spilling food on herself as much.

7. Doing stationary bike again, with ease for more then 1 minute.

8. Standing up from chair w/ease

9. LOOKING BETTER!  Looks more alert, stronger and more talkative.

10. Laughing more...better spirits because she knows her strength is returning.

 Conclusion:  Movement has improved a lot, spirits are better, her color looks better...not yellowish anymore.

 I was so desperate for her to get better.  I prayed/chanted for the right medicine for her and you appeared Oona.

 Thank you so very much. Tonia, daughter


Update September 13th 2015.  Oona, my mother came alive again! She was so happy yesterday and today she was joking and having a good time at my uncle 90th birthday. I am so grateful for you to have  helped to keep her back on track. Thank you. Tonia


 Sept 18th 2015. She woke up at 3:30 Am last night and asked to go to the bathroom. She had not done that in month. Hooray…. Tonia


On Sun, May 10, 2015 at 4:31 PM, Jimmy wrote:  When I met Oona Mourier I was in near constant, daily discomfort.. I was in a wheelchair and unable to cook or even care for myself in some of the smallest ways. I had tried many different modalities for healing, mostly from Western medicine and most not only failed me, but made me worse. The first thing I noticed about Oona, besides her genuine sincerity and compassion toward her fellow human beings, was that she had a deeper understanding of healing and to the connectivity of all things in the universe. She helped me to understand I am not alone and that healing is possible for anyone. She introduced me to some new modalities of healing, including the Trinfinity 8, which has been instrumental to the great deal of recovery I've experienced in just the last couple months. I can now walk around my home without a wheelchair. Oona understood what was missing so that I my body could heal and she helped me to understand how to help myself to heal.

Update: Two weeks later

My healing continues and I am able to stand on my feet and cook for the first time in approximately 18 months. Two weeks ago I could only stand for a couple minutes at a time and now I'm able to do this for much more time. My sleep continues to improve and I am getting out of my home for more time each day which feels wonderful. I have even begun trying to walk short distances while outside. About a week ago, I went for the first walk on beach sand. This is the first time that I've done this in 18 months, actually took my shoes off and walked around for 5-10 minutes. Three months ago, I honestly never thought I'd be able to do that again. 


The story of Ram, #1 - Needs 24/7 care -  3/31/noon Ram recently had a procedure done that left him debilitated. He couldn't walk without someone carrying some of his weight, He was dizzy, clumsy and made almost no sense in his speaking. He couldn't dress himself, couldn't read, . He couldn't make decisions, he couldn’t walk by himself, he had a catheter and couldn't be left alone, he needed 24/7 care.

4/1/9am Yellow clear urine! Skin tone pallid. His mind lost and vacant most of the time not confused just real SLOW.

He is appreciative. He has to be told most of every step of every task. His walking is tentative and over cautious. He is bent over as if protecting his abdomen. He needs reminders every few minutes to sit up, stand up, look up, drink water.

 4/10 Catheter removed.

 4/2/9 am Ram's health is better.  Woke  up cheerful and chatting, speaking about his activities for the day. He had part of it correct. His ability with dressing himself is improved.

 4/3/9 am  Full of vim and vigor. Called me at 7am saying he shaved himself and that he has plans today. The beach, library, therapist, etc. He is streaming thoughts together and lots more vocabulary.

 4/4/3:30 pm Ram is talking normally!!! He comprehended some Social Security paper work on his own.

 4/10/10am Going to the urologist. Calm blader

 4/18/7pm Ram able to write.

 4/19/2pm Started Asea

Go to Daddy day car twice a/week, swims once per week, walks every day, sleeps well and is able to handle his night time bathroom visits. His speech is making more sense daily. He generally enjoys his life. He is aware of his condition. He can reference his "illness" as having been more intense and that he is improved and improving.

Current regimen is Asea 8oz/day, T8 every other day.

Current Ram report: He goes to Catholic Charities day care, he loves it and they LOVE him. We are able to talk about this and make changes to this schedule as needed.  Ram surprises me with what he knows about his current state of health. He refers to his recent past as "his illness" and to this time as his recovery. He speaks every so often that "I can tell the Asea is important to my healing. I can feel it."

He can do some work now with close supervision. He can sweep the yard, vacuum this tiny house, choose clothes and dress himself with some assistance, towel off after a bath, walk around the block by himself, push the cart in the store, etc.

Update 6/19/2015 He wants to stay at his house by himself at night. He understand that he must keep his house orderly. One of his great pleasures is taking a bath. He does this daily at his house. He is able to make his own social arrangements. He feels well in himself. He is walking more upright as he heals. Bathroom is normal meaning the rhythm and ease.

 Update 8/20/2015 He is actually reading books!  Not just holding them and falling asleep. He is writing some, too.  The writing makes more sense as he can carry a theme further.

He can connect his speech with more language. . He is making better sense when he speaks and writes. He shows he is happy with his life through expressing gratitude to those who care for him. He is better and better walking in an upright manner. His coloring is very good. Shining eyes, color in his skin and general cheerfulness. He takes himself to the pool on his bike several days a week. He takes guidance and direction easily and calmly. He sleeps well through the night. It appears that he puts himself to bed at a reasonable hour each day. Yes, he lives alone again and his house is in pretty good shape.


I am grateful to you Oona for bringing this products to me at a time when I was desperate. It is working.  I plan to continue indefinitely. All my gratitude, Lorene Allen



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