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Trinfinity 8 users are not only extolling the rejuvenating physical effects of using Trinfinity 8, but also awakening to the spiritual vibrational changes it also brings about. On the spiritual level, Trinfinity8 is encoded with what can best be described as ascension coding, frequency patterns which help accelerate evolution and spirituality by directing DNA activation to its highest potential. Trinfinity8 is the quintessential holistic tool for high level wellness in the 21st Century.

Everything in the universe has a mathematical signature. DNA and the blueprint of creation are mathematically coded. Mathematics is the language of our DNA. All things that exist have a mathematical signature and DNA sequencing. It is our personal internal software program. It dictates our genetic heritage and is the determiner of how slow or fast we age and evolve.

Surprisingly, we understand only a mere 5% of our DNA potential, leaving us to ask: “Is there a code for health and aging that can be reprogrammed?” All could be encapsulated into codes and the human body would know how to take it and respond to it in whichever way is effective for that person allowing the body to do what it can do naturally, giving it a road map and taking a whole new dimension in healing.

Brought back from a near death experience, Dr. Kathy Forti was instructed to bring an electronic device that will change the way people think about the concept of healing. Trinfinity8 is the first device to use nothing but pure mathematical algorithm with programs based on mathematical codes, vibrational energies, and fractal formulations that are in harmony with the core energetic that encompass all of nature.

Trinfinity8 is the first device leading the way in using pure quartz crystal rods to directly deliver information to the body in a language it understands—math. Quantum science understands that all of nature is influenced by numerical sequencing, with patterns that resonate and repeat in cycles of time. The same types of lab grown quartz crystals used in Trinfinity8 are used in the Hadron Super Collider in Cern, Switzerland to measure electromagnetic photons.

In our DNA our evolution is encrypted and our ability to ascend to new plan of existence. EMF, medications, toxins, radiations are altering our DNA. A quantum leap in wellness and anti- aging we have the ability to communicate directly to our DNA with this breakthrough technology and bring to you this cutting edge modality.

Trinfinity8 is the first energetic device which is based on mathematical algorithms.


Trinfinity8’s unique technology allows for streams of coded data to be transmitted through your computer’s USB port. A digital translator device then sends information to the body via specially designed hand-held quartz crystal transmitter/receiver rods. These crystals have been carefully lab grown for clarity and perfection. Many Trinfnity8 users report feeling subtle energy effects during use such as hand tingling, skin hydration, warmth, and a deep meditative calm.

Trinfinity8 is designed to increase awareness and to assist the individual in attaining a state of self-balance while working to restore vitality. Once to twice weekly sessions of 30-60 minutes is ideal. Results may vary depending on the individual and frequency of use.


  • Over 5,000 Bio-Energetic Rejuvenation Formulas
  • A Quantum Interface to Magnify User Intent – Dr. Kathy Forti, who helped develop Trinfinity8, brought this information back from a near death experience she had in 2003. This energy, knowledge, and intent was suffused into all aspects of Trinfinity8.
  • Mathematical Binary Substance Coding – Trinfinity8 uses computer processing speed to transmit mathematical code sequencing to the body, much like your DNA. Billions of binary codes contain the higher vibrations of all rejuvenating substances.
  • A Fractal Amplification Resonator – Quantum physicists are discovering that enlightenment is the charge you attract when your thought patterns get fractal. (A fractal is a geometric shape that can be split into billions of parts, yet each part contains an exact replica of the whole.) The Science of Fractals allows phase conjugation and a unified field for waves or people. Holy men call this ONENESS. Trinfinity8 technology allows fractal fields to bond and become one with the rejuvenation formulas encoded within the program. This serves to positively strengthen and amplify the information coming through to the user with infinite multiplicity.
  • Sacred Geometry Infusion – Ancient mathematical formulas that encompass all of nature have been interwoven into the matrix of Trinfinity8.
  • Pure Solfeggio Sound Tones & Harmonic Crystal Tuning – Research shows that these ancient tones have the capacity to assist regeneration and transformation, and activate DNA. These pure sacred tones have been used since ancient times to awaken a natural expansion of consciousness. In Trinfinity8, the tones act as a carrier wave to further strengthen the transmission of data to the cellular system.
  • Rapid Quartz Crystal Rod Transmission – Flawless double-terminated quartz crystal rods transmit the healing codes through the nerves, meridians, and minor chakras of your hands, flooding your system with streams of rejuvenating information.

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